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"The #1 Writing Conference in North America" (The Writer Magazine)

GrubStreet's The Muse & The Marketplace was everything it's marvelous title promises. If you needed inspiration, it was in the air. If you were looking for the how to of pitching and promoting your book, it was behind every door. The energy was great and the agents, editors, publishers, authors, media specialists... you name it, they were there, full of enthusiasm, eager to fill you with information, and answer questions. Peter Ho Davies - there! And with his beautiful English accent. Eve Atterman - there! Thanks Eve, I will be quoting your answer to my question forever! Celeste Ng - there! Fauzia Burke - there! I could so listen to Fauzia every year, and learn more every year! Not only were the keynote speakers full of stories, information and tips, but the people who introduced


the speakers were equally great speakers sharing golden tidbits and personal stories.

There's no inspiration like Muse inspiration. And luckily what happens at The Muse is shared and shared. I was a "Buddy" and met a very interesting author, Pam. I sat with an agent at the Manuscript Mart and felt like cheering as I listened to her suggestions. We clicked! We laughed and her ideas were so right on that I have jumped into another rounds of edits on my novel-in-progress. Her advice makes sense, solves plot problems, tightens and shortens. I just cut 1000 words and loved doing it! It's totally inspirational!

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