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CHEATED  by Alfie Toner                

ISBN 979-869-5811599    ebook & paperback edition Age 18+

Queen of nicknames, with a saucy sense of humor, Lorelei Fox tells all in a quick-witted novel about her amorous jaunts through sensuous love affairs. Ride along as Lori gets knee deep with the Master of Ceremonies; the One-Eyed Monster; and the Impaler! When she's overwhelmed by passion for Richard Grand, her loins are hot! hot! for the big Dick's Magic Wand and her happily ever after. (Dare I say Romance Erotica?)


 ~ Revised ~ Coming Soon


CHOICE  by Don Sloan, M.D. (with new foreword by Allison Sloan)

Don Sloan, M.D., my father, practiced as an obstetrician and gynecologist, and as a sex and marital therapist in New York City for his entire career (1965 - 2013). He helped many transitioning LGBTQ+ patients and women seeking an abortion to make intensely personal and often painful decisions and to find safe, private, healthy emotional and medical care to achieve control over their own bodies. CHOICE was first published in 1992 with the title "Abortion" and reissued in 2002 retitled "Choice." In 2022, in the 21st century, the issue of privacy and authority over one's own body is still under attack and remains an issue that demands our attention. Knowing my father would want to include his voice in the discussion, I am working to reissue this important book. 

 ~ Revised ~

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Managing in the Middle: The Librarian's Handbook Book

ISBN 978-0-8389-1161-7

Chapter 32

Building Strong Middle Manager/Paralibrarian Relationships : Middle Managers as Mentors   by Allison Sloan

"Fully a third of all library supervisors are managing in the middle:  reporting to top-level managers while managing teams of peers or paraprofessional staff in some capacity."

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Originally published: 2013
Editor: Robert Farrell

ALA Associates: 

The Electronic Library Support Staff Journal  

Welcome to ASSOCIATES! This journal is a forum for and about library support staff issues published by the American Library Association. ASSOCIATES is published digitally three times per year in March, July, and November. 

Subscription is free. ISSN: 1077-6613






"As his children come to say goodbye, one daughter's plan to meet her father before he dies brings truths and secrets that will heal the family, or shatter it."

Plot driven family drama with an authentic voice. The story of the Roemer family, and the complicated connections between siblings, and a mother who faces bitter choices.

BUTTERS : Becoming a therapy pet -   

The story of Butters, our family's pet cockapoo, and how to become a Handler/Therapy Pet team.

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