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Princess Chi : And the 18 Tasks of Qigong

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

What's keeping you busy this pandemic? Woulda' coulda' shoulda' been blogging! Instead I wrote Princess Chi, a book to guide children (and adults) through a practice of Qigong, the 18 forms of meditative Tai Chi. Then came the hours of solo videotaping of yours truly performing the movements; learning and trying different video editing software (VideoPad was the winner); adding the music, the narration and then... figuring out how to upload a 24 minute video to YouTube. Is it perfect? Far from. Is it fun? Absolutely!

Princess Chi lives on an island with her family. She asks her grandmother why there are only two colors on their island? Black and white? Her grandmother tells her she has been chosen to complete the 18 tasks of Qigong and bring the colors back to their island.

Challenges for a first timer: Prepping ebook format with images; uploading to - a multi-day process. FREE DOWNLOAD TODAY 5/31! Promo on Instagram and FB page: follow Allisonsloanauthor. Next task for me is to figure out how to format and upload the pb version. I'm working on the cover/spine label right now. Stay tuned.

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