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"Nothing is impossible. The word says I'm possible." Audrey Hepburn

2019 is now. Partied through the holidays, family and friends, connecting. Laid low with the flu in early January then bounced back with a week in Aruba ~ one happy island ~ and then home and back to business. I'm helping build a database of resources for an organization for which I volunteer? That I volunteer for. Yeah! Deadline met! Life is existential, there will be other deadlines, but ah the satisfaction of making it happen. Now on target to submit to agents who will be at the Grub Street Muse & the Marketplace in April. Though I'm always using the "think system" and did some important editing and writing before the holidays, now is here and no delays to research, reread, prep, edit, research some more, reread, prep, edit, format, design email, reread and edit the email... submit. Working towards that next deadline. It's all coming together. As someone once said: If it wasn't for deadlines, nothing would get done.

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