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"I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring." David Bowie

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Time flies: Three weeks ago at Grub Street’s conference, The Muse & The Marketplace, I was inspired by so many great speakers, agents, authors, social media marketers... Two weeks ago I had phone meetings with two agents, who I’m excited to say were quite complimentary about my novels, and encouraging as to next steps.

And then last week I attempted to install and transfer data to my new iMac, and hit a wall of tech glitches and support goof ups. Thank goodness for yoga and qigong training, because I needed all of it to maintain some deep breathing and focus on the journey, that included six calls to Apple Support, and six trips to the Genius Bar… and then hours at home updating, reloading, circumventing software issues (mostly with Microsoft Office).

And I’m back! And I sincerely wish I could say this is the last computer I will ever buy, but I expect I'll be rehashing this blog in 3-5 years when I'm in the midst of yet another hardware upgrade.

Whew, and here’s the good news to report: I’m busy editing and rewriting to strengthen my novels considering the fabulous suggestions and edits from Kat Kerr (Donald Maas Literary Agency), and Renee Jarvis (MacKenzie Wolf Literary Agency), and a Muse Cohort, Martha Carlson, editor.

And, I started an Instagram page for ButskyBean, featuring my adorable, certified therapy pet cockapoo. I’m brainstorming ideas for how ButskyBean [But-skee-Bean] and I can highlight our favorite authors and literary and film types. Watch out world, here comes a new voice from the-cutest-dog-ever book cosmos.

I’m working on the devilish POV in my family saga fiction – no longer considered a “women’s fiction” since the protagonist is the family, including several heroic women, through the voice of an omniscient narrator. And, thanks to Lane Shefter Bishop (Vast Entertainment) I wrote a “logline.” After years of working on a pitch, that is still in draft form, I found one sentence that answers: Who is your book about? What do they want? What’s at stake? One sentence! Try this out for size:

“A love child, in a love triangle with both her half-sister and her half-brother, plots to secretly meet their dying father, and risks exposing truths that could shatter the family, or heal it.”

Opinions? Would you read this book?

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1 Comment

Leah Hook
Leah Hook
May 11, 2021

Yes I would Read that book! Great log line.

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