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"It's your responsibility to love it, or change it." Chuck Palahnuik

Remember that great prologue I was so excited about last blog? Well, got some different opinions and ideas from meetings with agents and classes at the Muse last March. Also met with some great author friends and brainstormed. Thanks Erin, and Josh and Pam, and hope this post finds you all making progress on your books. So here's the even better writing update: no more prologue at all! I took all the great ideas introduced in the prologue and moved them into the main story where they belong, then rewrote the first line and opening. Here's the reason: if you send an agent the first 50 pages, those pages must grab, no time for mystery and wind up and background. That will appear later as things unfold. And suddenly, front and center from reading other authors to workshops and conversations... tense, time, flashbacks. It hit me like a ton of books (tee hee) that I had a bunch of tense and time jumping options, and that prompted a full book edit, cutting useless words, crisping up each sentence, finding the one word, that one complicated word that hints at so much and jumps off the page. Muse 2020 here I come...

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